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How to Create Your Own Sound Recording Studio

Published by admin on March 7th, 2014

How to Create Your Own Sound Recording Studio

A sound recording studio is a great idea for those who are regularly into making documentaries or recording songs. It can also be helpful for enthusiasts who are considering making a career in music, as they can rehearse with all the tools necessary to record professional songs. Narrators and film makers can make use of sound recording studios to add sound bites and sound-based special effects for their films or projects. Professional narration or dubbing for films or episodes requires the sound to be recorded in a proper studio and mobile recorded audio clips do not always help. And the best thing is that you can set up a sound recording studio at your home or approach a professional sound editing studio, at a reasonable budget, in your empty basement or in one of your rarely used rooms.

Devices Required

You will however require some basic devices such as a microphone (the most basic prerequisite in a sound recording studio), headphones, good speakers, appropriate software and musical instruments or percussion instruments according to the requirement. Microphones, cordless or wired ones, are of several types, and can vary from low-end devices that can be employed only for recording vocals and are not very much noise friendly, to top models that can be used for recording sounds of musical instruments such as drums and guitar to precision. Neumann and Shure are brands that offer microphones with good capabilities at reasonable prices. You must buy the microphone only as per your purpose, and as needs grow, you can upgrade. However, don’t go for high-end microphones that are used to record and broadcast music from orchestras, as this would not be such a sensible idea.

You need to have a computer in your recording studio to edit, organize and save all the data. Try to have multiple computers if you believe you will have regular operations and there might be instances of more than a couple of people recording. Recording software chosen is also crucial in recording operations. For example, Pro Tools Express from Avid is one of the better recording software. It comes with an Mbox Mini interface, and assists you in recording sounds directly to your PC or laptop, and also records sounds from guitars and drums properly and can be distinguished easily. The recording on this software is done at 48 kHz and at 32-bit. The software is so good that most of the work can be edited on a laptop itself.

Headphones and Accessories

Talking of headphones, brands like Sony and Audio-Technica offer good quality and affordable headphones with studio standard sound processing capabilities. Headphones are crucial as they can be used for simultaneous recording and listening, hence both aspects should be considered before deciding on a particular headphone. A good idea would be to visit the music store and test the headphones before finalizing on any one and go for a trusted brand. Accessories such as microphone stands can be used to provide stability and balance to the user. Extra cable wires will allow mobility and adapters can be bought in for electrical purposes as well.

Musical instruments

Recording drums, electrical (or conventional) guitars, piano and other musical instruments such as tuba, saxophone, mouth organ and flute can be added to the studio for a musical effect. But try to include only as many things as necessary and stick to your budget. And once you have set up the studio, use it regularly. Maintenance and cleanliness would be the key to the long life of each component of your studio. Handle every device carefully and cover up large musical instruments and the computer after every recording session to prevent dust.

And if you are not being able to record because of your exams or tight schedule, clean the studio at least once in a week so that next time you go for recording, you don’t go in disappointed.

Save Your Wet Phone

Published by admin on September 19th, 2013

Step One: Do not Panic. Most electronics, together with iPhones, iPods and iPads, can deal with some water given one condition… no power is working by way of the device. DO NOT power on, turn on, swap on or click in your system! This goes counter to natural intuition, after wiping it dry together with your shirt or towel. It’s regular to wish to see what harm has been done. Listen shut: THIS ONE MOMENT CAN DESTROY YOUR DEVICE. Do not check it. Depart it off. Preserve it off!

Step Two: Kill It. You probably have an older telephone or non-Apple model, it’s essential remove the battery rigorously and as soon as possible. The last thing you need is a text, tweet or call coming in and waking up your device. For iPhone, iPod or iPad customers, this step is more difficult. For these with iPods or iPads, I’m sorry, but you won’t have access to your battery without training, instruments and experience. iPhone users have a bit of extra luck. You possibly can rapidly watch a YouTube video on opening your machine – when you’ve got any electronics experience, this half won’t be so bad. When you have any doubt, convey it in to a technician immediately. We can simply and rapidly get the battery disconnected earlier than damage is done.

Step Three: That Sucks. The next step could be accomplished without turning your system off if you don’t have that ability. Earlier than I proceed, I need to DISPEL A MYTH. Rice and Silica. I cannot count how many iPhones I have opened up after the customer left it in rice or silica for over 24 hrs, only to seek water droplets resting between circuits. In case you drop a watch in water, rice will get the moisture out – nonetheless, an intricate, nicely sealed, mulit-layered iPhone is completely different story. For that… use a vacuum. I’m serious. Use a vacuum with a hose, a toilet paper tube and a few tape. First: Place the cardboard tube around your iPhone or iPod (Use cardboard from a cereal field for iPads). Then use the tape to create a seal. Lastly, join the tube to the vacuum hose and let it run. Let it run for a while. (Note: Ensure that your vacuum doesn’t overheat due to lack of airflow – lesson learned on my end). In 1 hour, this will get extra water out then 2 days in a bag of Uncle Ben’s.

Step Four: The Waiting Game. After an hour of vacuuming it out (about half-hour per facet) it’s now time to wait. The most suitable choice is to open the gadget and place under the warmth of a 60-seventy five watt gentle bulb about 1-2 feet away for 24 hours. Rule of Thumb: If it’s not hot enough to hurt your hand it is safe for the iPhone. If that is not possible, I concede, do the rice/silica thing. Place it in a bag full of rice or silica packets and let sit for twenty-four hours. You may search online for the most effective methods to do that, but keep in mind to use a vacuum for at the very least an hour first.

Step 5: The Gamble. As a technician in a repair store, I’d the entire time facet on taking it in and having somebody like me take it apart, dry each piece, air it out, and reassemble it. It’s the secure and efficient wager, but generally the wallet is trying slim and you’d relatively take the risk of fixing it yourself. If you are patient, then this needs to be a viable option. Recap: Hold it powered off, unhook the facility supply to stop accidental exercise, vacuum it out, wipe it down, vacuum it out once more, and finally depart it beneath warmth or in silica for 24 hours. Good luck!

Cleverest Move to Monitor Your Children’s Whereabouts

Published by admin on September 14th, 2013

Simply hiring a maid to help you deal with domestic stuff isn’t enough. The reason why you hire out at the first place may originate from the fact that you are scared that your kids are left unmonitored owing to the fact that you need to go out for work. But children will always find a way to evade their nanny. And once they are loose at large, everything could happen—everything bad could take place. And those things could happen unbeknownst to you because on the course of such accident taking place, you are being at work, rendered unable to know what is going on. You cannot blame your maid, either. They are only humans who might have this little flaw of not being able to keep an eye on your children all the time. What you need is strategy. Something that allows you to still be able to pinpoint your children’s whereabouts without having to leave your office. Something that only mSpy could provide you with.

You must be wondering what this mSpy is capable of doing that it is suggested to you. Well, mSpy is an application that you can install on your computer, which has this little but magnificent ability to reveal the precise location of your children at any given moment. You can track gps locations with the application. Due to the application works based on GPS, you can monitor the movement your children make and whenever it shows you that your children are being at a wrong place and in a wrong time, you could do something about it.

Given that the application uses GPS, too, there is no other way other than making sure that your children are out with their phone. And not just that. The cell phone must also have an active service of GPS broadcast with which the application can scan and monitor. It is that simple. And there is also a big advantage you can derive from using the application, too. You can monitor the GPS location of your children on the background; meaning, you are rendered unnoticeable to your children during the monitoring. This is important because your children could be covering the fact that they are going to someplace when being questioned by you. With this application’s stealth nature, you can catch their red-handed and bring them to safe. And this must be followed with heart-to-heart conversation where you explain how important it is for you if they never set a foot at a place where you don’t like them to be at.

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Simple Straightforward Video Editor

Published by admin on August 29th, 2013

Do you have lists of uncut home videos stored in your hard disk? Are you having hard times learning video editing software and all of its features? Do you want to create a personal home video along with title, background music, and all without spending any minute learning intricate editor software? If you answer yes to one of the questions above, you might want to use this simple, straightforward Bolide Movie Creator. Designed to be user-friendly, the movie creator software works to help users edit their uncut videos fast and easy. There is no particular skill to acquire or special knowledge to use the tool. All you need to have is uncut video and the determination to create stunning result.

Users can save their video projects to a wide array of file formats, including AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, and MP4 in high definition resolution. Getting an easy-to-use, simple movie creator is a cheaper way to get a video done than hiring a professional video editor. A professional video editor usually charges hundreds of dollars per hour just to cut, edit, or add audio into your video. You can try Bolide Movie Creator free trial version for Windows before decide to get the activation code. Visit the official Bolide Movie Creator website and find out more about the simple and straightforward movie editor.

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