4 Steps to Help You Choose Which Language to Study

Published by admin on June 29th, 2011

If you are keen to learn a second language then you are probably already aware of the benefits which this brings with it but do you know which one you want to learn? Here we will look at some of the factors you might like to bear in mind.

Where Do You Want to Live or Travel to?

Ok, so we will start with an obvious one then. If you want to live in France you need to learn French and if you want to travel to Germany you need to study German. Actually, it isn’t quite as simple as that after all. The global nature of many languages means that you can learn Spanish in order to go to Latin America or pick up French for a trip to Canada. If you plan to travel a lot then think about the really widely spoken languages such as those mentioned.

What about Work Reasons?

This is a slightly more difficult point but still worth bearing in mind. Is there a tongue which could be of great benefit to you in your work? This obviously depends upon the line of work you do or plan to do and it is worth investigating.

Do You Want Something Relatively Easy or More Complex?

The Latin based Romance languages such as French, Italian and Spanish are probably easiest for English speakers to learn. If you want to have a lot of words in your new vocabulary very quickly then you will find a number of words which are similar to those in English. Anyone who takes Italian lessons in Boston or any other US city will soon find that they just need to alter some English words to get started. On the other hand, if you love a challenge then the likes of Chinese and Arabic can give you all the mental stimulation you are after.

Which One Most Appeals to You?

If you love the romantic nature of French then looking at French classes in Charlotte or wherever you live is the best bet. If you like to listen to Spanish music or read Russian literature then this can be the hook you need to ensure a long term interest in the language you choose. Don’t forget that the only person who can ensure your ongoing determination and enthusiasm is you, so you need to be interested from the start.

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