Why a metrosexual man may be right and wrong for you

Published by admin on May 25th, 2011

The metrosexual man is a breed of man who has been granted his own status and name in recent years. And why not? There is something exceptional about a heterosexual man who takes pride in looking good, dressing sharp, and grooming. But to most women looking over an image-obsessed man, three questions often come to mind: First, is he gay? Second, when you find out he’s straight, is he “too good to be true?” And finally, more worryingly, “will people assume he’s gay?” Certainly these are questions your granny didn’t have to contend with back in her day, when gender roles were more defined, but this is a new millennium now and you have to get with the times. So what is it like to date a metrosexual man? Is a metrosexual man right or wrong for you?


He’s great eye candy

This is the biggest plus of dating a metrosexual man. They know how to look good. They care about the clothes they wear and they take care of their bodies. They eat well, work out and buy plenty of skin products. And what does this mean for you, ladies? They look better with their clothes off than they do with them on. What’s not to love about this?

He shares your interests

When it comes to your more “girly” interests, a metrosexual man will meet you halfway, unlike your average bloke. A metrosexual man will be able to talk to you about fashion or skincare in a way most men cannot. He won’t tap his foot impatiently and whine incessantly when you pop into your favourite clothing store either – because he’ll be looking to shop too.


Your self-esteem must be high

When it comes to looking good, most women aren’t used to competing with their date. But when your boyfriend’s hair is always perfect and his fashion sense is better than yours, it’s not that hard to find yourself feeling he’s out of your league. You’ll find out you have to keep up with him in order to preserve your self-esteem. If you’re sensitive to these kinds of issues, a metrosexual man is not for you, and you might want to steer clear of men that look too good to be true when looking for men on dating sites like eHarmony.

Gender role reversal

Maybe there isn’t outright gender role reversal when you date a metrosexual man, but there can be a sense of gender blurring that can be hard to handle. Some women like the contrast between their sweet femininity and their sports-loving, action-movie-fan bloke. Maybe you’ll discover you’re not into metrosexual men after all when he’s criticising your choice of shoes for the tenth time.

Whether you meet them through friends or through a dating website Bradford, Glasgow and London men – metrosexual or not – have good points and bad points. At least you can share your love of fashion with a metrosexual man – and sharing things is what makes for a good relationship.

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